​Competitive Session

ICMV 2022 Document Liveness Challenge (DLC 2022)

​Competition for Developers of Mobile ID Documents Recognition Systems

​​Motivation for this contest

​Document liveness detection for identity document verification is an important step in many document recognition pipelines. It is imperative to have an objective evaluation methodology along with a benchmarking dataset to capture the efficiency of current document liveness detection methods.

In the Document Liveness Challenge 2022 (DLC 2022) the general objective is to establish an evaluation methodology and set up baselines for document image recapture detection, document photocopy detection and document lamination detection methods. The benchmarking dataset that will be used in the contest will be the first dataset containing document images that are representative of the potential problems which are challenging in the document liveness detection process.


The description of the methods and the evaluation scores will be presented at ICMV 2022 at the special session dedicated to the challenge. A report on the competition will be published in the ICMV 2022 conference proceedings. At the end of the competition, the testing dataset along with the required program to run the evaluation measures will become publicly available.

Your can get more submission, Timeline inform here https://smartengines.com/icmv-2021-document-liveness-challenge/

If you still have any questions, please send an email: dlc2021.committee@smartengines.com


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